Innovative Banquet Hall Web application software from Webtractions

Innovative Banquet Hall Web application software from Webtractions

Banquet Hall Management Application Development

Achieve total customer engagement

Webtractions Houston and Hyderabad, your digital marketing company / agency now makes the tasks easier and more accurate for reception hall, party halls and banquet hall owners. We eliminate the paper based system that creates monotonous tasks and wastes time. For this, we have developed the first-of-its-kind Banquet Hall Web based event management system which is accessible from any device anywhere to overview and look into your banquet hall/reception Halls status and progress made.

The features of this new Banquet hall web application are:

  1. Calculate and track payments, add/remove services
  2. Review and search customer data
  3. Create quotations and contracts
  4. Manage and modify the prices with changing times
  5. Avail a dynamic calendar that can be used for multiple purposes such as over viewing booked or planned events and
  6. Use the dashboard that sheds light on the progress made so far and holds a summary of all your events and transactions.

Webtractions online event booking system helps you eliminate monotonous work and focuses on goal management, compensation planning and customer satisfaction and increase your banquet hall/reception halls revenue and success as a whole.

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